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RiMo @ Maccabi

RiMo@Maccabi, a fresh, tasty, ethical, milky supervised kosher cafe in the heart of the community. We are based at Manchester Maccabi serving to all.

We also cater for all kinds of events both at Manchester Maccabi and in your chosen venue! Contact us for more details!

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Soup Sandwiches Paninis Salad Jacket potatoes
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Our Partner suppliers!

To ensure our food is the best it can be we source directly from some amazing suppliers. Fruit & Vegetables supplier is Barton & Redman , based in New Smithfield Market. Fresh Fish we source from Hodgkinson Fresh Fish & J&B Wilde's, at New Smithfield Market. Our Bread items are made specifically for us by The Granary, and also supplied from Kosher City in Prestwich.

Sourced for the freshest and tastiest plate of food!


Fresh and Tasty

All of our food and drink is fresh and tasty